Monday, 14 January 2013

What's in store in 2013 - what do you think?

Happy new year!

Yes, 2012 with all its expectation and hoopla is now a receding memory and 2013 stretches before us.

This time of year is of course when people make resolutions and commentators, fresh from analysing the year just gone, gaze into their crystal balls to foresee what may be in store over the next twelve months.

I’ve done a little bit of that concerning volunteering through my January blog for Third Sector Online but I want to try something different here. Instead, I want to invite you to share your thoughts about what you see happening in the world of volunteering during 2013.

Please use this opportunity to post a comment below and briefly share what you think the key issues, themes, developments, challenges and opportunities are going to be.

If you have any problems posting a comment please contact me directly and I’ll post your comment for you.

Over to you.