Thursday, 1 September 2011

So, where is volunteer management?

It has just been brought to my attention that provider of news to the voluntary sector, Civil Society, has launched a new jobs section.

This is just a quick blog post to express my displeasure that this new service does not have a category for the function of volunteer leadership and management.  HR is there.  So is fundraising.  So why not volunteer management?

I have written recently on the growing importance of volunteering to organisations that are feeling the pressure of funding cuts.  Volunteer management is of growing importance to many organisations and is starting to get the attention it deserves from funders, government and others as they realise that effective volunteer engagement doesn't just happen magically but needs leading and resourcing.

So come on Civil Society, correct this error and add in a category for volunteer management and join those parts of the the sector press that realise the importance of volunteer management and provide a searchable category on their jobs site - good on you Third Sector!

Shortly after this blog post went live, Civil Society tweeted me the email address of a person on their staff to contact in order to suggest changes to their service.  As the jobs service is new they are keen to hear from interested parties as to how it could be improved.

This is what I have sent them:

"I simply think that it would be wise for you to include a heading, some thing like volunteer leadership and management, within the new jobs service Civil Society are providing. Such roles are increasingly important to voluntary organisations as they have to rely less on donated funds and more on donated time and so need skills professional volunteer managers to help them in this."

"Sadly there are too few job services for the voluntary and community sector where people interested in volunteer management roles can quickly and easily find appropriate vacancies. Were you to add such a category to your service it would be a valuable addition."

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